Some handy HTTP Status codes to remember

August 25, 2014

I usually forget the different HTTP Status codes. In an effort to have some place they are available, I am posting them here.

###Success codes:

200 - OK (the default)

201 - Created

202 - Accepted (often used for delete requests)

###User error codes:

400 - Bad Request (generic user error/bad data)

401 - Unauthorized (this area requires you to log in)

404 - Not Found (bad URL)

405 - Method Not Allowed (wrong HTTP method)

409 - Conflict (i.e. trying to create the same resource with a PUT request)

Should you need to test out different HTTP Status codes I highly recommend and here is another resource.

REST has been made overly complicated by some. Sometimes you just need to know what are the main status codes, so hopefully you will bookmark this page and refer to it whenever you get stuck on an HTTP Status.

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