An introduction to Rails - Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl

July 13, 2014

Earlier this week I started going through the Ruby On Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. The book is freely available at The book states that it answers the questions “If I want to learn web development with Ruby on Rails, where should I start?” and this is exactly the question I have asked myself and searched around for.

The book us made up of the following 11 Chapters:

In my mind, these chapters cover most of the common use-cases that appear in Web applications namely

So far I have gotten to Chapter 4 (not any further as I have a no “code rule” for Sundays), and I am very pleased. I have already deployed 3 applications to Heroku, learnt some git commands I didn’t know and been compelled to dig somewhat into RVM.

I like the approach of not using the scaffolding functions baked into Rails that the book employs from Chapter 3 onwards; this means you get to know how Rails works and can better understand how things piece together.

So, so far so good I am happy with the tutorial and hope to be finished with Chapter 5 by tomorrow. I suggest that if you are learning Rails that you go through this tutorial, you will be doing yourself a massive favor.

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