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August 9, 2014

I must have said it a hundred and one or tow times already, but I am learning Ruby and having an absolute ball. Already my mind has been opened to a new way of thinking. I keep finding excellent sites like the Ruby Koans and Confreaks.

Tonight I want to share Railscasts. RailsCasts are created and produced by Ryan Bates, though Ryan has taken a break from producing new Railscasts the ones that are there are real gems.

The videos are short and focus on one technique, so you aren’t confused by too many different parts; thus, you can quickly move on to applying it to your projects. The topics target toward the intermediate Rails developer, but so far as a beginner none have been overwhelming. The videos are easy to follow along with and if you want you can get the code from the Railscast Github repo.

I am watching a Railscast each morning before I leave for work, you can call it my espresso for the day. They are something you should be aware of, and you should schedule a video if not every day at least once a week.

Oh and if you are wondering about new Railscasts being produced Ryan has this posted up on the Railscast website:

RailsCasts Status

You have probably noticed there has been a lack of new episodes lately. 
I have found it increasingly difficult to produce content,
 and I'm not entirely sure why. The best way I can describe it is that 
 I feel paralyzed under the pressures of work.

I have decided to take a Summer break to help me come up with a solution. 
I will return on September 2 with new content. 
All Pro subscriptions have been automatically extended by 
two months (no need to press a button this time). 
New subscribers during this time will be charged the initial $9 
and then have their subscription extended through September.

Thank you for your patience during this time! :)


Let’s hope Ryan feels refreshed soon as I am sure there is some Rails 4.x goodness he can share.

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