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August 17, 2014

I live in Bermuda; it’s a small island off the east of the USA. There are about 65 000 people on this island. A lot of Reinsurance companies are here as well as a fair share of Hedge Funds. International business accounts for a large portion of the economy here in Bermuda.

Bermuda being as small as it is can obviously not supply all the skills needed by these large companies. Thus, there is a fair amount of expatriate workers here which is good and bad for the country. The good is that these people come here to live and work, this means money is moving through the country. The bad part is that there is much in the way of knowledge sharing and up-skilling of local Bermudians.

Whilst living in South Africa, I loved going to user groups and hack-a-tons. These events were a great place to meet like-minded and not so like-minded individuals, but most of all they were a great place to learn about writing good software. There was no prerequisite to attend these events, any person interested in software could come along and learn.

Bermuda doesn’t have these sorts of events; there was a .NET user group but I haven’t heard or seen them advertising any events. The .NET user group was also more about people just speaking about a topic, and there would be no hands on labs. This is what Bermuda needs; there needs to be a Meetup where people can come and learn.

Last week I found my way into a discussion of software enthusiasts to start just such a group. A place where we could share knowledge and mentor young people that have a passion for software.

We agreed that Python would be the best option (though I will be throwing in Ruby here and there :)), especially since to get from zero to coding with Python is very quick. The first meeting will happen on the 20th of August 2014 at the Chamber of Commerce in Hamilton.

There is a Google group setup so if you are interested in how this all plays out please join the discussion

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My name is Deon Heyns and I am a developer learning things and documenting them in realtime. Python, Ruby, Scala, .NET, and Groovy are all languages I have written code in. I appeared in the New York Post once. I host my code up at GitHub and Bitbucket so have a look at my code, fork it and send those pull requests.

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