Keeping to a plan why is it so hard?

July 8, 2014

Why would you want to stick to plans? Who cares about so predefined set of goals or milestones? Why did I even set them in the first place?

So why after following a plan for a few days do these questions haunt us? Well, in the book Sidetracked by Francesca Gino she lists three reasons:

  1. forces from within ourselves,
  2. forces from our relationships with others,
  3. and forces from the outside world.

Have you heard about the Impostor Syndrome? It’s a condition where you have a lot of self-doubts. These are the little voices that say we aren’t good enough. How can you overcome this? Look back at your week, month, year or career and remember all the awesome things you have done. Reflect on where your career has taken you, the skills you have learned, projects you have completed or anything else you have done lately. You will quickly release that you are not a fraud.

We are social beings and unfortunately what people say to and about us affects us. Its crap and sucks big ones so what can we do about it? You have gotten this far in your life and overcome numerous obstacles. Sticking to a plan is easy. It’s especially easy when you have a well-defined plan that includes milestones and metrics.

Life happens, relationships end, you will experience financial difficulty. These are facts of life and you need to make the most of it. Something to remember is that you learn something through every experience.

These 3 reasons all contribute to making it difficult to stick to our plans. Your job is to keep your focus on what the end goal is. You should also make sure your plan is realistic and achievable. Nothing is more self-defeating than a plan that is not realistic. Create milestones and track them daily. All of this will help you to keep your head down and keep trucking.

I am no self-help guru. I am just a developer that is learning new things and sharing. These techniques have helped me thus far, and they continue to add value to my life each day.

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