First Open Bermuda Meet-up

August 20, 2014

A quick post. Tonight was the first ever Open Bermuda meeting held at the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. The attendance far exceeded my expectations. There were people there with various backgrounds, some developers and some not. John Gill, the organizer, done a great job of getting beers and pizzas for everyone and by everyone I mean over 20 people.

The meeting started with John telling us how and why he decided to start the group. John then told us about his history with open source and how he envisions the meetings going forward. There were a lot of passionate people, and everyone had the opportunity to do a lighting talk on what they wanted to gain from these meet-ups. I mustered up the courage and gave a brief history of myself and what I wanted to gain from the group.

What became very evident from tonight’s meet-up is, this is going to be language agnostic. Bermuda is too small for this group just to be about Python or .NET or Ruby. I am excited by this fact and hope to do a presentation about Ruby at the group in a few weeks time.

Its a very exciting time to be a developer and clearly the tech community in Bermuda wants a place to meet and share ideas and collaborate. I left the group tonight with a good feeling; we have a great foundation to build on, and I can only see the group going from strength to strength.

Tomorrow we are back to Ruby and specifically how you do MD5 hashing in C# vs. Ruby.

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