Dude! What happened to you?

December 31, 2014

Where have you been?

I been gone for a minute now; I’m back at the jump off - Lil’ Kim

I made a small detour, well quite a big one. Since the second half of September I have been part of a project that has sucked up all my time. It’s one of those projects that is super stressful, but at the same time super exciting. Therefore, I have had no time to blog or had any time to dedicate to Ruby or my quest to submit a pull request to Rails.

So you failed?

Do I view this as failing? I could, but I don’t, if anything I believe the months of continuous blogging and learning aided me in getting pulled into this exciting project. I might have missed my deadline but all this means is that my timeline has been shifted on. In the coming year when things settle down I will get back to my original goals as I have outlined on this blog.

So what is next?

I suspect 15Q1, and most of 15Q2 is going to be just as hectic. Honestly I only found time for this post as I am in the UK with a cold and ear infection and took a sick day, all the while supposedly being on holiday. I have been writing tons of Python and been working with Pandas DataFrames the last few months in addition to my other duties as part of this project. I would like to go back to these Python scripts and rewrite them to Ruby and share them with you all.

What do you mean Python? Thought you were a C# guy?

I am, well my company predominately uses C#. However for certain things C# is fantastic and for others it’s not so great. If you are going to be building a line of business system, then C# is good at that and so is Ruby and Python. If you need to do some quick data manipulation, data munging or web scraping then Python and Ruby are fantastic. I have been using Python due to some of the great statistical and math libraries available.

So what are the new timelines?

I need to work on those; I am going to take a few days to recover from my sickness and will write something up and share that here. However, like I said above the first half of next year is going to be just as busy if not busier than the last three months.

We miss you!

I miss you too ;)

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