C# to Ruby String Interpolation

July 20, 2014


Working with strings is part and parcel of any programming language. In C#, we use String.Format to do a lot of interpolation and manipulation. Here is a simple example using C#

using System;

namespace Foo 
	public class Program 
		public void Main(string[] args)
			var name = "Deon Heyns";
			var reallyLike = "Programming";
			var sentence = string.Format("Hello my name is {0} and I love {1}", name, reallyLike);

			var result = Factorial(3) * 7;
			var answer = string.Format("The answer is {0}, which is also the answer to everything", result);


		public static int Factorial(int n) 
			return n == 0 ? 1 : n * Factorial(n - 1);


Now how do we accomplish the same thing in Ruby?

name = "Deon Heyns"
reallyLike = "Programming"
sentence = "Hello my name is #{name} and I love #{reallyLike}"
puts sentence

result = "The answer is #{ def factorial(n)
							n == 0 ? 1 : n*factorial(n-1)
						   factorial(3)*7 }, which is also the answer to everything"

puts results

From this code you see we are not using a position within our string to specify what variable goes where, we do this explicitly +1. You can define a method, in the middle of this string! What you might see here is that you need to use double quotes (“) and you use the hash / pound / number sign with curly braces to define a variable. There isn’t too much else to mention here. It’s pretty straight-forward and to me it seems like a better way to add your variables within the string since you don’t need to worry about positioning.


Ruby strikes again! Again I see that Ruby wants you to use fewer key strokes and be more explicit about what you want to do. What an awesome language!

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