Being productive or trying to be at least

June 21, 2014

Why do you want to be productive?

You can never get time back. Every minute that you procrastinate is another minute gone of your life. Truth is you are dying and every time the second-hand ticks is a second closer to your time here on Earth being up.

Clearly you need to make every second count. We all have had that voice in our heads at the end of the day saying we could have and should have done more. So how can you get rid of this voice? How can you make sure that at the end of the day you feel fulfilled? Well, here is my little tip and hopefully it can help you.


I have read a few blog posts where people blast todo lists, and there are others that love them. Honestly todos are for some and not for others. Just like some people like carrots and others don’t. I have a little system I use that, thus far, is helping me get the most important things done more importantly this scales!

Here is what you need

  1. On your notebook write today’s date.
  2. Write all the tasks you need to do for that day
  3. Rank all your items in terms of importance 1 = Must Do, 2 = Should do, 3 = Leave for later, 4 = Delegate and 5 = Eliminate
  4. As you get items done cross them off
  5. For each item, you don’t complete draw an arrow next to them, and when you do your planning, tomorrow put them on your list and rank


That is my simple method. What I have found is any system that is simple will be easier to use and there is less chance of getting frustrated

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My name is Deon Heyns and I am a developer learning things and documenting them in realtime. Python, Ruby, Scala, .NET, and Groovy are all languages I have written code in. I appeared in the New York Post once. I host my code up at GitHub and Bitbucket so have a look at my code, fork it and send those pull requests.

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