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July 28, 2014

I double as the JIRA administrator at my job. So today a user ask me to switch their profile avatar back to the colored background with their initial. I searched for any clue on how to revert avatars in JIRA and found nothing. Then I had the bright idea that I would just change it at the database level, yeah that wasn’t a great idea either. At this point, I thought I would just tell them it is not possible but that would make me look like a chump.

So I went about looking for a solution on GitHub and found something that almost got me there. With a bit of code here and there, some pixie dust for good measure I came up with a very crude implementation of Initials Avatar. I was quickly able to generate a new “initials avatar” for the users and just distributed them to those who preferred the “initial avatars” over regular ones.

I was pretty happy, but I remembered how difficult it was to find a website that done this for me. So being a good web citizen I decided to create a website where anyone can come and create their own “initials avatar.”

So how do you do this? Well, pretty simply you head off to enter your initials, pick a background and, foreground color then some magic happens, and you get a new shiny avatar with your initials.

Here are some not so important things that might or might not interest you

With creating this website, I truly stood on the shoulders of giants. I built the site using Bootstrap, Sinatra, Heroku and source from GitHub.

It was a great learning experience and what was even more awesome was using some of the Ruby I have recently learned to get things up and running.

Enjoy and go ahead and create yourself a new avatar

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My name is Deon Heyns and I am a developer learning things and documenting them in realtime. Python, Ruby, Scala, .NET, and Groovy are all languages I have written code in. I appeared in the New York Post once. I host my code up at GitHub and Bitbucket so have a look at my code, fork it and send those pull requests.

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