A journey on sending emails - the end

August 5, 2014

So the last few days I posted on how to send emails in Ruby, it was all started by this post. Here are the posts on using ActionMailer, Mail and Pony. These are the main players together with the Standard Library in sending emails. Based on these posts here are my opinions of the Pros and Cons of using each library.

##ActionMailer ###Pros


##Mail ###Pros


##Pony ###Pros


So with the Pros and Cons out of the way who is the winner?

Honestly they all are, you see each library has its place and caters to different use cases.

If you are building a Rails application then there is no reason to go and reinvent the wheel, ActionMailer is great and everybody is using it; it’s built upon Mail, so it has a fantastic foundation.

If you need email sending and processing then by all means use Mail in your Ruby applications. ActionMailer and Pony are both built on top of this library and it’s great at what it was built to do.

If all you need is email sending then Pony is awesome, you get all the power of Mail and with minimal work you are out the gate.

That leaves one option though, what about the Standard Library? The Standard Library is great, it too has minimal setup, and my first choice is always to stick to whatever is in the Standard Library, however, the gems available give you a great abstraction and will allow you to switch between different mail protocols with minimal work.

It has been quite a learning experience to write about these different libraries I encourage you to do the same.

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